Happiness is a state of mind

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7 November 2012

If we look around us, we will see lots of people who have absolutely nothing to be happy about, and when I say that I mean the worldly things like money and property, but then again those things aren’t and shouldn’t be the reason for your happiness in the first stage anyway.

The true happiness is closeness to the All mighty and being able to thank him no matter what he puts us in, no matter what the situation, the one who is the happiest is usually the one who stands closer to him fearing the afterlife and as to how he will be judged on what he/she has done.

Happiness doesn’t come when we try to find ways to get something that isn’t rightfully ours, neither does it last.

Touba Qubool Ho. . .

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26 July 2012

Ya Rab Main Gunehgaar Hoon, Touba Qubool Ho,
IssiyaaN Pe Sharmsaar Hoon, Touba Qubool Ho,
Touba Meri Qubool Ho, Touba Qubool Ho
Touba Meri Qubool Ho, Touba Qubool Ho.  .  . . . .

Ameen-sum-Ameen! Ya, Rab. . .  .




Just few Clicks

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24 March 2012

Shaista Khan Interview

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6 February 2012

A cousin of mine has been interviewed in Netherlands, To read it I got it translated to English N it wouldn’t be fair not to share it with rest of the Muslim Ummah especially sisters in Islam :-) Shaista, sweety I love you N am proud of you, May Allah bless to Infinity – & May Allah the most merciful give us all Hidaiyah towards the right path. Insha-Allah <3

Shaista Khan (27) was born in The Hague and Pakistani-British parents. She wears a niqab since she was nineteen, a face veil. We asked her why.

You were born and raised in the West. What took you to convey the niqab to wear?

“Many people find it difficult to understand why some young women born and raised in Western societies to choose the face veil. To explain this, I should shed some light on the concept of coverage in Islam, because these women make this choice for religious reasons. The Qur’an says about the veil: “O Prophet, tell your wives and your daughters and the women of the believers to draw their cloaks over them hang. That’s better, that they be recognized and not harassed. And Allah is Forgiving, Merciful. “This Verse is the purpose of prescribing the veil clearly, namely the dignity of women to preserve and protect her from the harassment. The veil is not, as some people think, a sign of the authority of her husband nor is it a sign of her inferiority. The Muslim woman is the veil of freedom and liberation, it forces people to judge her on her intellect rather than her appearance. Now there’s a difference of opinion whether this coverage also covers the face or just the whole body except the face and hands. Some see it covering the face as something that is religiously required, others see it as something that is recommended and worthy of reward. Something that all niqab bearing Women, however, have in common is their desire to the exemplary life of the early Muslim women to follow that really covered their faces. This was also the reason why I chose to wear the niqab. I feel so connected to the women at the time of the Prophet Mohammad peace be upon him. They had a pure relationship with Allah and understood the faith like no other. Especially at a time when there is so much immorality, and they find it difficult to precipitate the eyes, I felt that the headscarf is often not enough. ”

But perhaps these women covered their faces because it was an Arab tradition?

“No, this is not true. Many of the companions of the Prophet Mohammad peace be upon him gave as explanation van’Djilbaab ‘(cloaks) that a garment is that the entire body including the face. When the verse of Surah An-Nur was revealed (24:31), yielded about Aa’ishah: “May Allah first Moehaadjiraat – the female emigrants from Mecca to Medina – have mercy, and when Allah revealed:” … and that they khoemoer their Djoeyoebienna wear …, “they tore their material and covered where their faces with it. ‘Aa’ishah, may Allah be pleased with her, provided further also” riders passed us when we were with the Messenger of Allah in ihram ( a sacred state during the pilgrimage to Mecca) were. When they approached us, we left our veils on our heads over our faces fall down and when they passed us, we had our faces uncovered again. “In the pre-Islamic period was just a face veil worn. Aa’ishah narrates example, that one of the companions saw her while her face was uncovered. He recognized her because he Aa’ishah had seen in the time that the veil was not prescribed. ”

Why do women wear a veil, and men do not? Women and men are still the same?

“Equality between men and women is now guaranteed by a law which states that I can not wear what I want?! Men and women are equal in Islam, as human beings. Allah does not love more men than women and women love more than men. The man does not judge Islam based on gender, ethnicity, social or financial status, but only on grounds of piety. In the Qur’an we read: “O mankind! We created you from a male and a female and made you into nations and tribes so that you know each other. Verily the most honorable among you is the one that (Allah) fear most. “But we also know that men and women in many areas greatly differ. Zaal the Qur’an says: “… and it is not male and female.” Because the female body is different than the body of the man, the Creator has other prescribed dress code for women than for men. For men, there are dress codes. This is something that many people unfortunately do not know. He is obliged to cover for foreign women from the navel to below the knees. The woman differs profoundly from the man. Every cell of her body bears the sign of her sex. The same applies to its organs and nervous up there for her. Psychological laws can not be replaced by our human needs. We are obliged to accept them as they are. We women are our abilities to develop in accordance with our own nature, without trying to imitate men. ”

Why is it not enough that the man simply managed?

“There is naturally a huge attraction between men and women. That makes sense, otherwise the man is never propagated among others. Allah has created man in appeal and has set limits. Through marriage, the two not to mention their physical and emotional needs to fulfill. Muslims themselves are just aware of the natural impulse of man, they are realistic. ”

But the majority of people in the Netherlands for such a ban?

“Since when have international basic human rights subject to the approval or the goodwill of the majority?! According to international human rights treaties, the disapproval or discomfort of some, or even the vast majority, are never a justification for the curtailment of the right to freedom of religion of another. In the Netherlands the voice of the majority used to discriminate against a minority. ”

The niqab is not a threat to public safety? One can not see who is underneath.

“There is so far no correlation between the niqab and a threat to public safety policy in the Netherlands. The law does allow people to have their faces uncovered in situations or locations where there is a demonstrable safety hazard. The police can a niqab bearer where necessary ask them to identify themselves. No woman here has a problem with that. Why a separate law making? ”

What we often hear is that the Netherlands is a Judeo-Christian tradition and that the burqa or the niqab does not fit here. How about this?

“Those who say this have their own traditions. The Bible also contains a dress code for women. In Corinthians, women are commanded to wear a hat, and if they do not, it is better to shave their heads bald. Women must cover their heads because, as the Bible says they are a sign of authority of the man on the head should have. While I as a Muslim discrimination against women find that they must cover their heads as a sign of the power of man over woman, can not be denied that the Bible prescribes the headgear. In Islam, however, women wear a veil, not because they are subordinate to men, but only so to be distinguished from non-Muslim women and to protect their honor and dignity. But this is not the only one. The Bible even mentions the niqab. In Genesis we read that a woman named Rebeka covered her face when she saw a man approaching from afar. Moreover, women were in the early Jewish companies out with their entire face covered, so much so that they can only open one eye left to see the road! ”

You just get negative reactions or do you ever positive reactions?

“I have certainly had positive reactions on the street. Actually I only occasionally come across someone who is very negative. ”

Is there a positive reaction that has stayed with you?

“Yes. I can remember that a few years ago in the tram was, when a man with his son I think 4 tram arrived. The boy saw me and started giggling. Every time he looked back and kept giggling. To my amazement I saw that his father’s face turned red and then he said: “Stand up and say sorry to the lady!” I could not believe what I heard, in a society where sometimes some adults even proceed to curse, wanted to man that his son apologized for giggling. “No, it’s okay,” I said. “No respect!” The man said. What I also remember is that a lady once me after reading my story in the Times sent an e-mail in which she wrote that she would be very sorry if I would go away from the Netherlands and she apologized on behalf of many Dutch for what she called “the stupid behavior of the government parties.” I can mention so much more. ”

Do you have a message for the Muslims who read this interview? Is there anything you would like to say to them?

Deep sigh. “That they have abandoned us. Where are those who give sermons in the mosques? Why did they not support us? Occasionally I read a short note on the websites of mosques, which they condemn burqa ban. When the bill was filed a few months ago, I thought that perhaps they are going to go up and be heard. But no, I saw a message on the website of one of the mosques with the title: “The Frenchman is prepared sisters niqab fines to pay.” This made me really hurt. Apparently it was thought that the problem is now resolved. Are we on the Day of Judgment can not be questioned about how we support our brothers and sisters? Community, those with classification authority can not be questioned about what they have done for these sisters who wear the niqab? When the ban on Halal Meat went, everyone was busy. Mosques had formed a unit, even those with whom they have not wanted to sit at the table! Is the niqab or not Islam? Who guarantees them that the next step no ban on headscarves will be? Some non-Muslims have supported us more than some Muslims. The only thing I say is: Allah is sufficient for us, He is the Best Helper. “

Men in my Life!

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2 January 2012

The other day when we went to see my parents, my hubby, our cutie pie baby N I, Just like many other times I  again felt so blessed, you know those special moments when you feel pure pure gratitude, you feel so blessed that you just can’t thank Allah enough  for so many blessings! yeah that was one of those moments :-)  I just felt like saying few words for “Men in my life” – Beautiful creations N wonderful relations, May Allah bless them beyond their expectations  :-D Insha-Allah <3

My Father;

So very precious so dear you are to me
To you, Your cute little girl I’ll always be!
No matter what I’ll ever go through,
I have believe always I can count on you!

My Brothers;

I look at you & I smile with whole heart
My strength & my life’s a very important part
Always for your happiness & safety I pray
Blooming & smiling may you always stay!

My Husband;

My companion, how very beloved you are
In all grey nights, you’re that shining star
We share  unique a bond, so pure so strong
After Allah & Rasool [pbuh], to you my loyalty belong!

My Son;

With your heart beats my heart
You touched my soul from the very start
May you Succeed in  Deen-o-Duniyaa
For you I’ll be there, So will my Du’a; Insha-Allah
More than anything; My dear son I Love YOU<3

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